Authorised Dealers - 3 Reasons Why They Are Important

1.   Trained & Certified - one reason why we are authorised dealers is because we have undergone training with the product suppliers to learn how to properly install these products. As the products are diverse, so are their installation requirements. Through training, we are able to install your product so that it works under the optimum conditions for you and your family.

2.   Warranty Requirement - another key reason you need to use an authorised dealer is because your warranty requires it. By not using an authorised dealer, you run a high risk of voiding your warranty. Therefore, to avoid the unfortunate situation where the installation goes wrong, your product doesn't work and you can't make use of your warranty, an authorised dealer is the way to go.

3.   Our Passion - at All Climate Solutions, we pride ourselves on the quality of service and we live and breathe heating & cooling solutions. This is our business and life passion. So why not use professionals who have dedicated their time and efforts to ensuring that they are the best at what they do!