Best Heating & Cooling Solutions For Melbourne Residences

Melbourne often experiences weather conditions that seesaw between hot and cold. This is caused by the fact that the city is sandwiched between the cool southern ocean and the very hot inland areas. With that said, most residential houses and establishments in the city have installed air conditioning systems to counter the unpredictable weather. It's something that us Melbournians can't live without. To meet the increasing demand for efficient air conditioning systems, the air conditioning industry is experiencing a surge of new technological advancements. Here are some we've picked for Melbourne homes.

With regards to heating solutions, there are three major technologies being utilized. They are hydronic heating, ducted gas heating, and reverse cycle heating. Hydronic heating is considered to be the most efficient because it delivers controlled heat to every room in the house. Ducted gas heating works differently because what it does is: it draws the cool air inside your home, warms it, and then releases it back into your home. When it comes to reverse cycle heating, the system delivers warm air using only a single set of ducts. This system is usually recommended for large rooms and spacious enclosures.

When it comes to cooling solutions, there have been two major breakthroughs: evaporative cooling and refrigerated cooling. Evaporative cooling is unique in the sense that it can keep your home cool even with your doors and windows open. This is because the cooling unit passes fresh air through a moistened pad which results in a cool and natural flow of air. This technology is growing in popularity because it produces fresh and completely natural air. Refrigerated air on the other hand makes use of a refrigerant to cool your home. The air cooling solution it produces is similar to the one used in air-conditioned cars.

It's also worth mentioning here that there are new regulations and policies in place to ensure that professionals of the air-conditioning industry are both highly-trained and well-experienced. We are required by law to undergo regular accreditation. Not only must we have the knowledge and skill-set to get the job done, we also need to understand how each heating or cooling solution will perform best given the design of your home. When a revolutionary new piece of hardware hits the market, we need to be able to recommend the solutions to our clients and install them to ensure they perform at their peak efficiency.

Here at All Climate Solutions, we are highly experienced and well-trained cooling and heating experts in all aspects of ducted gas heating, air conditioning and cooling. We undergo regular training to ensure that we stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry. When it comes to the hardware that we install, all of them are from trusted and established suppliers for your peace of mind. Should you need advice on installing a new system or would like us to have a look at your current system, feel free to fill up our contact form on our website or call us at (03) 9561 0220.