Brivis Contour Series Evaporative Cooler

Brivis Contour Series is an excellent and well-designed Evaporative Cooler. With its sleek low-profile design, it not only looks good, but it also continues producing consistent refreshing cool clean air.

Although slightly more expensive than a standard Advance or mid-range Promina evaporative unit, the Contour has been developed by Brivis to deliver a consistent airflow quality when fresh cool clean air is needed as Melbourne heats up.

Designed with an attractive low-profile, providing performance and efficiency, the Brivis Contour series is an ideal choice for new homes or when it is time to replace an existing evaporative air cooler.

Added design benefits of Contour units include an innovative motorised winter seal preventing drafts going into your home and heat escaping in winter, and inclusion of an AquaSave technology water management system.

This AquaSave system is structured to clean water, reduce wastage, and provide savings on water consumption of up to 45%.

Turning on your Brivis Contour Series Evaporative Cooler starts a pre-wet cycle allowing fresh water to enter the cooler and begin soaking thick cooling pads before the fan commences it’s quiet and efficient operation. As a result, whenever you turn on your evaporative cooler you receive cool fresh air.

Brivis Contour with its many features is the answer to looking good and being comfortable and cool through the warmer months in Melbourne.


  • Large cooling capacity
  • AquaSave technology
  • Outer case is a robust UV protected plastic casing
  • Quiet and discreet fan operation
  • Sloping base allows the cooler to sit lower on the roof
  • Pre-wet cycle for clean air distribution
  • Motorised winter seal
  • Up to 130mm thick cooling pads.
  • Small water reservoirs, reducing water discharge when the unit is turned off
  • In standby mode, removal of any stagnant water and sediment build up
  • Australian made
  • Available in 3 attractive colours to blend in with your roof
    • Charcoal
    • Terra Red
    • Beige

For more information about the Brivis Contour series and Brivis EVAP promotion offer, talk to our expert team at All Climate Solutions today.

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