Evaporative Cooling FAQs

Evaporative Cooling is very economical to run compared to its refrigeration cooling counterpart. As such, you can run it all day and spend only a fraction of the cost to run refrigerated cooling.

Yes. Evaporative Cooling works by pushing out the hot dry air in the home and replacing it with water cooled air. For it to work effectively, windows will need to be open to allow for the air to circulate out of the home.

They work the best during hot dry weather, and are least effective during humid weather.

Yes, however you will need to have some windows open for it to work effectively. Otherwise you may have wet walls and floors to deal with.

No. They are completely different systems.

Yes, however it is not advised to use your Evaporative Cooling unit during inclement weather. You would also likely be introducing excessive humidity into the home.

Typically residential Evaporative Coolers don’t use much electricity to run as it only uses a fan and water to run.

Every 6-12 hours, and when they are shut-off. If it is constantly dumping water you may have a faulty unit and will require a service tech to diagnose the problem.

Evaporative Cooling should be serviced every 2 years.

Pads should only be replaced once they have deteriorated

We stock Evaporative Cooling systems to service any sized home

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