Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program

Victorian Government initiative

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All Climate Solutions is proud to be an approved supplier for the Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program run by the Victorian Government and Solar Victoria.

This program allows eligible households access to energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioning by offering rebates towards the supply and installation of the new system.

The program aims to assist vulnerable and low-income households with the comfort of their home by replacing their inefficient gas heater, electric heater, wood heater, old reverse-cycle split system, as well as homes with no heating.

Under the program, eligible households can receive:

  • $1,000 towards the cost of an energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioner,
  • $200 towards the cost of decommissioning their outdated gas heater (if an existing gas heater is being replaced), and
  • $500 towards the cost of upgrading their switchboard (if an upgrade is required to install the rebated reverse-cycle air conditioner).

To be eligible, the household must:

  • replace an existing gas, fixed electric, reverse-cycle air-conditioner that is older than 7 years, wood heating or no heating with an energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioner,
  • install a reverse-cycle air conditioner from the Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program approved products list by an approved Home Heating and Cooling Program Supplier,
  • be an owner-occupier household with an approved concession card, or with a combined household income of less than $90,000.

Additional information on how to apply can be found at:


Here at All Climate Solutions, we only deal with the best products and pride ourselves on providing complete customer satisfaction. Our team will ensure the right program approved product is selected to suit your requirements.

As a Heating and Cooling Specialist, we want to be sure you are properly looked after from initial consultation, to the installation of your system, and right through the warranty period to provide peace of mind.

If you are an eligible household and would like a free, no-obligation quotation, please contact us and our expert team will happily assist in the next steps towards your new purchase.

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