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Air Conditioning, Heating and Cooling Systems Black Rock

With warm and humid summers and cool winters in Black Rock, there is a need for good heating and cooling systems throughout the year. All Climate Solutions is a trusted name in Black Rock that provides a comprehensive range of quality air conditioning, heating, and cooling systems. We are a family-owned business with 30-plus years of experience and have expertise in installing, repairing, and maintaining air conditioning and heating systems for both residential and commercial purposes.

With our wide range of heating and cooling systems from top brands such as Daikin, Panasonic, Brivis, Lennox and more at highly competitive prices, you are assured of cooling comfort during summer and warmth during winter. Our products are durable and will last for years without causing any trouble. You are assured of quality service with us every time and our qualified team provides excellent installation and replacement services. When you call us, our experts first carry out a thorough assessment of your place and then suggest the best and most cost-effective personalised solutions for air conditioning in Black Rock for your home and office.

Why Choose Us?

Heating and Cooling Systems Experts Black Rock

We provide end-to-end installation services for our heating and cooling systems along with quality maintenance and after-installation service throughout the life of the product. This ensures that apart from quality and durable products, you get a worthy investment added to your home.

Professional On-site Inspection and Consultation

Before any installation, our professionals carry out thorough on-site inspections to assess the premises and surroundings. With our experience and expertise, we then assist you in selecting the right heating and cooling systems for your requirement.

Great Customer Service & Full Installations

We do not hire any contractors and provide full installations and end-to-end services for all the air conditioning, heating, and cooling systems. This ensures that you always deal with the same company every time and are assured of quality and reliable customer service.

Competitive Pricing

We provide quality service at competitive prices to reach out to the maximum number of people across Black Rock. Get in touch for a no-obligation quote to see the difference yourself!


Heating Systems

Ducted Gas Heating

With ducted gas heating systems, you get an even and consistent distribution of heat across your home and office. Cold air inside the home is drawn and warmed inside the heat exchange unit. The warm air is then distributed through floor or ceiling outlets.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating

This is an ideal option to heat large rooms and open living spaces. A ducted reverse cycle heating system consists of both an indoor unit and an outdoor coil and can help in both cooling and heating. These are energy-efficient and cost-effective and offer comprehensive heating and cooling solutions.

Hydronic Heating

If you are looking for an efficient way to deliver the right amount of heat to every room, you should consider hydronic heating systems. A boiler heats water and transfers the heated water to radiator panels that are placed throughout your home.


Cooling Systems

Evaporative Cooling

This system comprises a central cooling unit connected to outlets across your home. If you wish to keep your home naturally cool even with open doors and windows, you can choose this type of cooling system. This is a comfortable and environment-friendly cooling option.

Ducted Refrigerated Cooling

This cooling system uses refrigerant gas and provides fast and consistent cool air even during peak summers. Consider this option if you are looking for effective and fast cooling for respite from the blazing heat and humidity.


Split System Air Conditioning

Energy-efficient and flexible with both cooling and heating options, these are a cost-effective and versatile choice for your home and business. Our wide range of systems includes wall mount, bulkheads, ceiling cassettes, consoles and floor standing. With individual climate settings for each room, these are a great choice for personalised cooling and heating solutions.


Air Conditioner Repair & Servicing Black Rock

We install air conditioners from top brands to ensure you the best quality. Our qualified and experienced team also provides top-class and timely repair and maintenance services throughout the life of the product. You can just relax while we take complete care of all your needs for air conditioning in Black Rock!


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