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Effective Heating And Cooling Solutions in Blackburn

Blackburn is a well-populated suburb of Melbourne. It is located 16 kilometres from the Central Business District of the Victorian capital and is home to approximately 14,500 residents. A place of historical significance, Blackburn was built in 1889 around an artificial lake called Blackburn Lake which is now the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary. Development in the area is strictly controlled to maintain a village-like atmosphere. Nevertheless, the community of Blackburn is passionate towards sports which has given rise to a number of sports clubs like the Blackburn Cricket Club, the Blackburn South Netball Club, the Blackburn Tennis Club, etc. Blackburn is also home to the Australian Rules football team.

What Blackburn also has is professional air conditioning installation services by All Climate Solutions. We have the best heating and cooling appliances for you to enjoy the perfect climate and temperature inside your home. So whether it is a hot summer afternoon or a freezing winter night, our cooling and heating systems make sure that you are always comfortable in the most ideal temperature range. Be it a home, an office or a commercial building, we can assess the temperature control requirements and suggest the best solutions that will not only perfectly fit your requirements but also your budget. We have had a longstanding association with the community of Blackburn and have catered to your unique heating and cooling needs with utmost dedication. We continue to serve you with the same kind of passion and strive to exceed your expectations all the way.

Residential and Commercial A/C Installation

Equipped with a team of experienced professionals, All Climate Solutions is always prepared to provide you with prompt and professional air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair services in Blackburn. Please read on to learn more about our services.


Installation of Cooling Systems in Blackburn

Evaporative Cooling System Blackburn

An economical and eco-friendly option, the evaporative cooling system is best to enjoy the natural cool air. The system has a central cooling unit which is connected through ducts and outlets throughout the building. Fresh air is collected and passed through moisture pads which cools the air and pushes it via the outlets and into the rooms, thus giving you naturally cooled air, almost like the sea breeze. This budget-friendly cooling system comes in a range of models and our team at All Climate Solutions can help you choose the perfect one.

Ducted Refrigerated Cooling System Blackburn

The ducted refrigerated cooling system cools the air using a refrigerant gas, somewhat like the air conditioning system in your vehicle. It is well-suited to the hot and humid Blackburn summers and can cool your rooms quickly in addition to maintaining the temperatures at pleasant levels. The refrigerated cooling system allows the cool and warm air to flow through the same ducts. We, at All Climate Solutions, offer you refrigerated systems in a wide range of configurations like high wall cassettes, ceiling cassettes and floor cassettes. Find the best one for your cooling requirements at All Climate Solutions.

Split System Air Conditioning System Blackburn

One of the most versatile and efficient cooling systems, the split system air conditioning comprises an outdoor and an indoor unit. It enables individual temperature settings for different rooms and helps save energy. It is available as a standard wall mount unit, a bulkhead, a ceiling cassette, a console and a floor-standing unit. Our team at All Climate Solutions can help you choose the right one for you and install it too.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Blackburn

We have always been a competent air conditioning installation service in Blackburn. We cater to residential as well as commercial air conditioning requirements and have the expertise to accomplish them to the expectations of the customer. Be it an office, a shop, a restaurant or a medical centre, we inspect the site, assess the cooling needs, recommend the ideal cooling systems and install them promptly without causing any disruption to your typical workday. We also collaborate with builders to make sure they make the required provisions for the right type of air conditioning systems in their new builds.


Installation of Heating Systems in Blackburn

Ducted Gas Heating Blackburn

The ducted gas heating system comes with an indoor unit, an outdoor unit and several ducts and outlets throughout the building. The cold air is run through a heat exchanger and the resulting warm air is sent through the ducts and the outlets into your rooms for a cosy winter night. To add on, we have the non-condensing range of ducted gas heating systems that are best for compact homes and buildings that do not have much space to spare.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating Blackburn

The ducted reverse cycle heating system is quite advanced in its operation. The system comprises an outdoor unit and an indoor unit with ducts running across the entire building. Both the warm air and the cool air pass through the same ducts and the system enables different temperature settings in different rooms. A ducted heating system can be converted to a ducted reverse cycle system by just adding a cooling unit to it.

Air Conditioning Repairs in Blackburn

All Climate Solutions is your one-stop solution to all air conditioning and temperature control problems. We not only supply and install air conditioning systems but also provide prompt and unparalleled repair services. We make sure the problems are identified precisely and the right kind of services are rendered. Our team can also provide thoroughgoing maintenance services. Being the authorised service providers for leading brands like Brivis, Braemar, Daikin, Lennox and Bonaire, we can provide warranty services too.


Choose Wisely, Choose Us

If you are wondering why you should choose All Climate Solutions, here are a few reasons to help you decide.

Profound Experience

All Climate Solutions is a team of experienced climate control specialists. We offer the best in terms of timeliness and quality workmanship. Over the years, we have learned and updated ourselves with all new technologies and the latest developments in this field to be able to provide the most optimised solutions to our clients. Through dedicated customer focus, we have been able to gain the trust of our clients and become one of the most reliable air conditioning installation people in Blackburn.

Inspections and Consultations

When it is a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, why not benefit from their know-how? To help you decide on what kind of air conditioning you need, All Climate Solutions offers detailed site inspections. We inspect your property, assess the heating/cooling requirements and recommend the most ideal ones for your needs. We provide you with all the options that fall under your budget and counsel you on which of those would be best suited. This would prove to be a great help in choosing the right type of cooling/heating system for your home.

No Contractors – Only Direct Service

All Climate Solutions has an in-house team of expert A/C mechanics and technicians. Whatever the job, big or small, our technicians are willing and prepared to take them up. We do not outsource our jobs to third-party contractors and are thus able to maintain the quality of our services. We make sure to be utterly prompt in deliveries and monitor them directly which helps us have direct control over the quality.

Work With the Most Reliable Brands

Aspiring to exceed the expectations of the customers, we work with the most reliable brands. We make sure that the brands we deal with are also as uncompromising about the quality of their products as us. As the authorised service providers for Brivis, Braemar, Daikin, Lennox and Bonaire, we also provide warranty services for them. As for the other brands, we assertively deal with them since they have a certain commitment to delivering quality products, an utmost essential in dealing with electrical appliances.

All Under One Roof

From inspections, assessments and consultations to installations, maintenance and repairs, All Climate Solutions offers the entire spectrum of services under one roof. You will not have to run around for anything, even spare parts and warranty claims. We can get all the work done for you while you may relax with the assurance that your heating and cooling systems are in good hands.

Competitive Prices

We like to stay focussed on our customers and their requirements. And we understand how important affordability is for every one of you. We achieve milestones with our services but keep our prices at market level. Choose from our range of top-notch heating and cooling systems at competitive prices.

Air Conditioning Installation – Commercial and Residential

All Climate Solutions has become a name to reckon with for quality heating and cooling systems that are installed, maintained and serviced in a thoroughgoing and timely manner. We make sure you enjoy cool afternoons and warm nights whatever the weather outside. For Blackburn residents, All Climate Solutions is a go-to climate control expert and will remain so for a long time. Call us today and get a free quote!

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