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All Climate Solutions is an independently-run air-conditioning dealer that can help you find the best solutions to your residential and commercial climate control needs. We have established ourselves as the best air-conditioning installation company in Box Hill through years of dedicated and prompt service. Right from inspecting your area and assessing your air-conditioning needs to installing and providing after-sales repair and maintenance services, we have you covered. Our trained and skilled professionals can assist you with all your requirements pertaining to air-conditioning, heating, and cooling in Box Hill.


Heating Systems

Ducted Gas Heating

An interconnected system that heats up the cold air of your room through a heat exchanger, the Ducted Gas Heating System comes in different levels of energy efficiency. At All Climate Solutions, you get the basic 3-star units, the mid-range 4-star units, and the top-of-the-range 5 and 6-star units to suit your requirements perfectly. We also have the non-condensing range which does not run exhaust gases through a condenser and thus is a comparatively smaller unit.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating

Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating is the most ideal heating system for larger and more open spaces. Also fondly called ‘The Heat Pump’, this system has an indoor unit and an outdoor condenser. We, at All Climate Solutions in Box Hill supply and install all types of Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating Systems like Add-On Cooling Systems and Split Systems. We have up to 7-star rated units which mean more energy saving is possible with these reliable systems.

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic Heating Systems work through a boiler that heats water and transfers it to radiator panels that are systematically positioned all over your home. With All Climate, you get to choose from a range of hydronic heating products like Tubular Radiators, Hydronic Boilers, Hydronic Towel Rails, Panel Radiators, Floor Heating, and Trench Heating. With the Hydronic Systems, all you get is clean heat as there is no air involved here. Moreover, this is one of the best heating solutions to get uniform heating in all rooms.


Cooling Systems

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling Service is your best option if you want some cool fresh air in your home. Now, this is the type of cooling system that keeps your interiors cool even when the doors and windows are left open. Based on the features and the prices, the Evaporative Cooling Service Systems come in different ranges the standard units, the mid-range units, the top-of-the-range units, the centrifugal fan range, and the fireproof range. At All Climate Solutions, you get to choose from this entire range of Evaporative Cooling Service Systems.

Ducted Refrigerated Cooling

A perfect cooling system to cool your homes real quick, whatever be the scorch outside. We offer the full range of Ducted Refrigerated Cooling Systems right from Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems and Add-On Cooling Systems to Split Systems. These systems are also good for humid climates – in other words, quite the right one to cool Box Hill homes.


Split System Air Conditioning

Split Systems are the best option for those who are looking for cost-efficient and energy-saving air conditioning systems. At All Climate Solutions, you get to choose from the Wall Mount System, the Bulkhead System, the Ceiling Cassette System, the Console and the Floor Standing. Each one has its benefits but some common features are versatility and individual climate setting. From the ceiling to the walls and the floors, these systems can be installed anywhere and have effective cooling in no time.


Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Servicing Box Hill

All Climate Solutions is your perfect partner in Box Hill for air conditioner installation. Buying an air-conditioning system is no cakewalk, especially, if you are looking for one that will last long, be easy on maintenance, fall within your budget, and manage to save you some dollars in your power bills. We assess your climate control needs and recommend the best air conditioners to match up with them. Our skilled and trained team can then install the systems in such a faultless manner that there is maximum output with minimum effort.


Why Choose Us?

Heating and Cooling Systems Experts Box Hill

Now when we say it is us who serve you and no contractor or middleman is involved, we would also like to reiterate that our staff is highly skilled and professionally trained. Be it recommending a good air conditioning system or installing, repairing, and maintaining it, our experts make sure you are dealt the best deal both in terms of quality and cost-efficiency.

Professional On-site Inspections and Consultations

We perform a comprehensive on-site assessment to determine the optimal and energy-efficient products that offer long-lasting performance. Additionally, we utilize premium products for repairs and replacements whenever necessary, ensuring top-notch quality. We, as experts in heating and cooling systems, can recommend the best products that will provide you with climate control as well as help you save some money through optimized energy utilization.

We Work With the Most Reliable Brands

Speaking of the best deals in quality and cost-efficiency, it is important to point out that we only recommend products of the most reliable and leading brands. So, whenever we recommend a new heating, cooling, or air conditioning system, we make sure the products are energy-efficient too which in turn will be beneficial for you in the long run. Likewise, when we repair your systems and replace the parts, we only use the most trusted and top-quality products.

All Under One Roof

All Climate Solutions provides a comprehensive range of services, covering everything from inspections, assessments, and consultations to installations, maintenance, and repairs. We offer a one-stop solution for all your needs, eliminating the need for you to coordinate multiple providers or search for spare parts and handle warranty claims. We take care of everything, allowing you to relax and have peace of mind knowing that your heating and cooling systems are in capable hands.

No Contractors – Only Direct Service

At All Climate Solutions, we have a dedicated team of skilled air conditioning mechanics and technicians who are experts in their field. Regardless of the size or complexity of the task at hand, our technicians are ready and equipped to handle it. Unlike many other companies, we do not outsource our jobs to third-party contractors. By keeping all services in-house, we maintain control over the quality of our work. We prioritize the prompt delivery of our services and personally monitor each project, allowing us to have direct control and ensure high-quality outcomes.

Competitive Pricing

When you hire the services of All Climate Solutions, you can rest assured that the rates will be the best in the market. We provide upfront free quotes that will help you make a wise and informed decision on whether to hire our services or not.


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In Box Hill, this busy little suburb of Melbourne, All Climate Solutions is one of the most trusted and leading dealers of heating, cooling and air conditioning systems. We have, over the years, earned the trust of the communities here and become a name synonymous with outstanding workmanship and exceptional customer service. To experience it first hand, call us today!

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