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Chadstone is a suburb in Melbourne where life is rather smooth with all the contemporary amenities that can facilitate busy days. The place is placid enough for families and vibrant enough for the footloose and fancy-free. The weather here can be unpredictable with the temperate oceanic climate causing all four seasons to prevail over a single day. So, while you may experience cool and refreshing mornings, the afternoons can be scorching and evenings can get really humid. This is where All Climate Solutions comes to your assistance.

For years, All Climate Solutions has been serving the communities of Chadstone and guiding them with effective heating and cooling solutions. We are an independently-operated business providing one of the most professional A/C installation, repair and maintenance services in all of Chadstone and the surrounding suburbs of Melbourne. We hope to become an indispensable ‘go-to’ heating and cooling experts for businesses and residences of Chadstone. Our commitment, our skills and our drive to be the best are sure to take us a long way in this lively former home of the Chadstone Shopping Centre.

The Services We Provide

As experienced and skilled air-conditioning specialists, we provide end-to-end assistance and help you get the best heating/cooling/air conditioning system that meet your requirements. We see to it that your system provides the best value for every dollar spent on it.

Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted Gas Heating Systems come in 3, 4, 5 and 6-Star Ratings, a classification that is based on their energy efficiency. These systems comprise interconnected ducts that are connected throughout your home and heat up the cold air of your room by passing it through a heat exchanger and giving out warm air. There is also the non-condensing range which does not consist of a condenser and is, therefore, a relatively smaller unit.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating

Also known as the ‘All Climate Solution’, the Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating System is ideal to heat larger rooms and open-plan living spaces. These systems have an indoor unit, an outdoor condensing unit and a set of concealed ducts for quicker heating. This heat pump comes in two forms – the Add-On Cooling Systems and the Split Systems. With as high as a 7-Star rating, these systems are comfortable, smart and highly energy efficient.

Hydronic Heating

One of the most effective forms of heating is Hydronic Heating. This system comprises of a boiler and radiator panels that work together to heat water and subsequently the room through the effectively placed radiator panels. Here, the heat you get is devoid of any air and is hence, pure heat uniformly spread throughout the room in all rooms. Our range of Hydronic Heating Systems includes Tubular Radiators, Hydronic Boilers, Hydronic Towel Rails, Panel Radiators, Floor Heating and Trench Heating.

Air Conditioning Installation

For effective air conditioning solutions in Chadstone, All Climate Solutions is the best option. When there is a substantial investment involved in purchasing a home appliance, we as customers expect to forget about it for a few years aside from regular servicing. For air conditioning systems, you can see this expectation being met when All Climate Solutions is at work. We install all your heating, cooling and air conditioning systems with such perfection that there will never be any installation-related issues. Furthermore, we only recommend energy-saving systems to help you save up on your electricity bill besides being environmentally friendly.

Commercial Air Conditioning

At All Climate Solutions, we specialise in commercial air conditioning too. Our team has the knowledge and the expertise to install, repair and maintain commercial heating, cooling and air conditioning systems just the way they can for residential ones. We make sure the systems we recommend and install meet the climate control requirements of huge office buildings and commercial establishments. Depending on the type of business – whether it is an office, a shop, a school or a care facility – we recommend, supply and install heating and cooling systems. From single-storied buildings to high-rises, Chadstone has all types of buildings and All Climate has all types of air conditioning solutions for them.

Evaporative Cooling Service

Your one way to get natural cooling even when the doors and windows are open is through Evaporative Cooling Service. Fresh air passes through moistened pads which cools up and cools your indoor spaces just like a natural sea breeze. Moreover, it is not the air from your room that is re-circulated, it is a whiff of fresh air every time. We provide a complete range of Evaporative Cooling Systems like the standard units, the mid-range units, the top-of-the-range units, the centrifugal fan range and the fireproof range.\

Ducted Refrigerated Cooling

Ducted Refrigerated Systems are reliable cooling systems that use refrigerant gas to cool your homes in a flash. You may choose the Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems, the Add-On Cooling Systems or the Split Systems depending on your cooling requirement. Furthermore, these powerful and fast cooling appliances are deemed ideal for the hot and humid summers of Chadstone.

Split System Air Conditioning

A highly flexible cooling system, the Split System can be mounted on the wall, installed on the ceiling or laid on the floor while the cooling would nevertheless remain uniform and effective. We, as the leading air-conditioning suppliers in Chadstone, offer the complete range from the Wall Mount and the Bulkhead System to the Ceiling Cassette System, the Console and the Floor Standing Systems. These systems are quite resourceful not only in the flexibility of their placement but also in their ability to individual climate settings.

The All Climate Advantage

While we provide the most comprehensive air conditioning installation and service in Chadstone, we also are a cut above the others in several factors.

It Is Just You and Us – No Middlemen

Our services are direct and personalised. We do not use any middlemen or independent contractors to complete any job. Our staff is quite skilled when it comes to installation, service and maintenance of heating and cooling systems. Whether it is assessing your climate control requirements and recommending the most ideal system or repairing a broke down system and replacing its faulty parts, you deal only with All Climate Solutions. This helps us focus on meeting the needs of the customers and avoid passing the buck.

Skilled And Experienced Staff

To shoulder the entire responsibility of the customers’ needs, one must be more than prepared and more than prepared we are. We employ expert air conditioning technicians who are further trained to deal with all types of customer requirements. From assessing their climate control needs to suggesting the best systems and from installing these systems perfectly to providing prompt repair and maintenance services, All Climate Solutions is ready at your service.

The Best Brands Only

Our experts assist you completely and make sure their suggestions and recommendations hold good. This is why we deal with the most trusted brands whether it is to get a new system or replace parts of an old one. We only use and recommend products that are reliable, can be trusted for longevity and are efficient. We understand the kind of indecisiveness you may feel with the number of brands in the market. However, when experts from All Climate assist you, you get clarity on what is the best heating/cooling appliance for you.

Expert On-Site Consultation

Before zeroing in on a particular heating or cooling system, one needs to know what they need. This is where the climate control experts from All Climate can be consulted. We assess your requirements and offer advice on what type of system is best suited to meet your needs and fit into your budget. This expert advice may be useful to you in the future while making subsequent purchases of heating and cooling systems.

In and Out of Your Way in a Flash

The installation and service technicians at All Climate Solutions can work swiftly yet meticulously making sure that every aspect of the installation and service is covered and a perfect job is done while they cause minimum disruption to your daily chores. We ensure that the work done is quick and complete and as per the expectations of the customers.

Unbeatable Prices

At All Climate Solutions, you get unparalleled and unmatched service quality while the prices are quite competitive with the rest of the market. We offer no-obligation-free quotes that will help you decide which air conditioner installation and repair service is the best in Chadstone.

Your Indoor Climate Control in Your Hands Now!

With workmanship that can’t be measured up to, All Climate Solutions has become one of the most noteworthy air conditioning technicians in Chadstone. It has taken us years of customer focus, skills mastering and unyielding dedication to become a reputable team of climate control experts. We believe in helping the customer not only get a heating or cooling system but also an energy-efficient one that will be both good on your pockets and kind to the environment in the long run.

To know more about us and for a free quote, call us today!

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