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Located about 16 km from the Central Business District of Melbourne, Sandringham is a quaint little suburb with a population of around 11000. One of the most visited bayside places of Melbourne, Sandringham offers plenty for beachgoers, picnickers and photographers. This village-like suburb has a full-fledged commercial area with a bunch of restaurants, food outlets, boutiques, clothing stores, hairdressers and offices like real estate and banks, etc. With a rich history of early settlers, Sandringham’s architecture includes a splash of old buildings among modern structures. Lying in a relatively drier side of the capital of Victoria, Sandringham enjoys an oceanic climate.

Whatever the climate, All Climate Solutions offers you respite from the scorching sun or the blistering cold and helps you keep your interiors pleasant at all times. We are experts in providing cooling and heating solutions to residences and commercial establishments all across Melbourne, Sandringham and all its surrounding areas. Our team is experienced and has what it takes to provide the most personalised and high-quality services to all its clients. We offer you a range of choices for heating and cooling while also striving to exceed the expectations of the customers. We are unwaveringly passionate about serving our customers and delivering perfectly.

Our Services

We have substantial amount of experience in cooling and heating homes and offices in Melbourne. Let us take a look at the services we provide.


Heating Systems

Ducted Gas Heating Sandringham

The system consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit that are connected by a duct that runs across the entire building. It warms the air by running it through a heat exchanger and delivering it to your room through openings on the floors or the ceiling. While all models of the ducted system are aesthetically appealing, our non-condensing range is compact and best suited for buildings with less space to spare..

Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating Sandringham

Comprising of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit just like the ducted systems, the ducted reverse cycle heating is quite an advanced system. While the ducts run throughout the building, the outdoor coil provides hot and cool air through the same set of ducts. The two units, namely the indoor and the outdoor, work together to achieve the maximum energy efficiency in this kind of operation. With ducted reverse cycle heating, you can maintain different temperatures in different rooms of your home. The best part is that a ducted heating system can be converted to a ducted reverse cycle system by simply adding a cooling unit to it.


Cooling Systems

Evaporative Cooling System Sandringham

Evaporative cooling is your best option if you want some fresh and cool air to enjoy the summer with your windows open. It is eco-friendly and pocket-friendly with low installation and running costs. A central unit in the evaporative cooling system absorbs the warm air and passes it through a wet pad which cools this air and sends it back through the ducts all over your home. This is almost the natural air in its most natural form. We, at All Climate Solutions, provide a series of options for evaporative cooling systems.

Ducted Refrigerated Cooling System Sandringham

As the name suggests, this system has ducts and provides cool air, the only difference being that the air is refrigerated in this type of cooling system. Using refrigerant gas, the ducted refrigerated cooling system provides instant cooling throughout the building all year round, whatever the weather condition outside. Similar to the reverse cycle ducted systems, the refrigerated cooling system also allows for cool and warm air to flow through the same ducts as per your need. These systems come as split systems and have a range of different configurations like high wall cassettes, ceiling cassettes and floor cassettes.

Split System Air Conditioning System Sandringham

A popular choice cooling system, the split system air conditioning is quite versatile in its functioning and temperature control. In places where there is less space, the split systems can be installed as bulkheads or consoles. They are cost-efficient in that they allow you to set different temperatures for different rooms. Consisting of an outdoor unit and an indoor one, the split systems come in various models like the upper-wall mounted unit, ceiling cassettes or floor units. They are also aesthetically appealing and complement modern homes very well.

Commercial Air Conditioning Sandringham

Besides homes and apartments, All Climate Solutions provides professional air conditioning installation services to commercial establishments as well. From shops and offices to restaurants and medical centres, we have the experience and the expertise to install the right kind of cooling/heating system. We can assess your cooling requirement and suggest the best options to you depending on the type of establishment you are, and your temperature control needs. We also work with builders to understand their building plans and arrange for the required provisions to be made for installing air conditioning units.

Air Conditioning Repair and Services Sandringham

All Climate Solutions has solutions to all types of air conditioning problems. Besides installation, we also provide prompt repair services. Our expert technicians can identify the problem and accurately repair the system in no time. We also provide regular maintenance service to help you keep the air conditioning systems in smooth working condition. Furthermore, we are the authorised dealers and service providers for Brivis, Braemar, Daikin, Lennox and Bonaire, so we can provide warranty services for these brands as well.


Why All Climate Solutions?

Over the years of serving the community of Melbourne, All Climate Solutions has accumulated several reasons to be among the top choices in Melbourne. Here are a few of those reasons.

Expertise and Experience

Equipped with a team of experienced experts, All Climate Solutions provides the best A/C installation, maintenance and repair services in Sandringham. Topping up our experience with knowledge of all the latest developments, we can offer the most optimised and best-suited solutions to our customers. We have the expertise to carry out meticulous inspections and understand the kind of cooling requirement you have. This helps us make ideal recommendations to our customers and help them choose the right air conditioning system for their homes, offices and commercial establishments.

On-Site Inspections and Consultations

As mentioned, we carry out inspections and understand your requirements for heating or cooling. Thereafter, we make an assessment and recommend the most ideal cooling/heating systems that will fulfil your needs as well as fit into your budget. This can help you greatly as you are given all information about the various A/C models that are available in the market and are helped in filtering out the not-so-well-suited ones.

Direct and Personalised Service

We have a whole team of mechanics, technicians, electricians and other tradesmen at All Climate Solutions. Whatever the task, from general consultation and installation to repair and maintenance services, we can provide you with direct assistance. We do not have to hire external contractors to get the job done. We do this to ensure that the service quality is maintained and the standards are upheld. From keeping time to rendering the most exceptional workmanship, we make sure you are delivered the best services which could not have been possible if we hired third-party contractors.

Top and Trusted Brands

Stressing much on maintaining the quality of our products and services, we only supply top and trusted brands. We know these brands also keep up with their quality standards which is why they are most trusted. We are also the authorised service providers for some of the leading brands like Brivis, Braemar, Daikin, Lennox and Bonaire and provide warranty services for them.

Committed For Life

When you get a heating or cooling system installed by us, we promise to be your best partner for climate control solutions in Melbourne. From maintenance routines and repair services to spare parts and warranty claims, All Climate Solutions is your one-stop for it all. You do not have to do the runaround for these issues, instead, all you need to do is just let us know.

Competitive Prices

While our products are services are outstanding, our prices are quite competitive. We understand your need to achieve temperature control in your homes and offices. We also understand your need to be within the budget which is why we keep our rates pretty much at a reasonable level.

Temperature Control In Your Hands Now!

Undoubtedly so! With the kind of range offered by All Climate Solutions, you can now enjoy cool air within the warmth of your four walls, no matter if a storm is raging outside. We commit ourselves to providing the best and most timely service along with some quality advice on what system would suit you best. For all kinds of heating and cooling requirements in Sandringham, call All Climate Solutions.

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