Tips for saving energy with your air conditioner this summer

Summer is a great time to enjoy but also the heat can be unbearable at times. Air conditioners can be true lifesavers for anyone who wishes to have a cool and relaxing atmosphere in their home. Unfortunately, the same air conditioners often use a lot of energy and therefore hit the family budget hard. Moreover, carbon emissions make staying comfortable vs the health of a planet a real decision at times! Luckily, thanks to the heating and cooling solution experts from All Climate Solutions, there are ways on how it is possible to save energy without breaking a sweat! Here are our tips on how these energy savings can be achieved.

Stay Cool with Evaporative Cooling:

Using evaporative cooling is a great alternative air conditioners as they are very energy efficient. This system includes a central unit that is connected to outlets in your home. The unit draws air from the outside and circles it through pads that are moistened. During this process, the air cools down and enters the home, being similar to a fresh and gentle sea breeze. With this unit, the home can stay open during the summer, because the air continuously passes through the space, even with the doors and windows open. Evaporative cooling uses up to 7 times less energy required by a classical air conditioner system, which is great news for the family budget. Find out more about these systems on our website and drop in the office to meet with our friendly experts.

Refrigerated Cooling Systems, Relative Temperature Settings:

Having a refrigerated cooling system installed in a home is a sure way to fight those raging temperatures outside. The same systems are both powerful and fast when it comes to cooling, but they tend to use a lot of energy. In this case, All Climate Solutions suggests maintaining a setting relative to the outside temperature. Instead of cooling the space to the minimal temperature, which will uses up a lot of energy, this setting will avoid that.

Using the Timer:

Melbourne, famous for its four seasons in a day, has its advantages. Thought the days are scorchers, the nights tend to cool down significantly. So set your AC timers to shut down and open up the windows. Why spend family money when you can have mother nature keep you cool. While enjoying the breeze, enjoy the night sky as well!

The heating and cooling experts here at All Climate Solutions have years of specialist experience in ducted heating, air conditioning and cooling and only deal with brands that we trust. Fill up a Contact Form on our website or call us at 03 9561 0220 should you have any questions.

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