Brivis Promina Series Evaporative Cooler

Brivis AD Bal is a well-designed evaporative cooler built to resist natures harshest conditions and engineered to meet Bushfire Attack Level 12.5 Australian Standards.

If you plan to build, repair, or renovate a home in a bushfire prone area the best choice is the Brivis “Full Metal Jacket” AD BAL introducing a metal structural support with stainless steel ember protection. This metal jacket evaporative cooler unit ensures the Australian Standards are met and is compliant with safety requirements if located in a bushfire area.

Brivis AD BAL Series Evaporative Cooler is designed with a sloping trough to keep water moving towards the pump and circulating through the unit, resulting with fresh and clean airflow. The fan speed is variable allowing the cooler to run slow when you prefer a gentle breeze, and the latest technology keeps noise levels down when the fan is turned on.

With a long list of advantages, Brivis AD BAL Series Evaporative Cooler provides better indoor air quality, reduced water usage with easy seasonal maintenance requirements, and energy efficiency.

Make the choice today for safe and effective cooling solutions for your property, convert water into a comfortable breeze with consistent performance and refreshing cool clean air in Melbourne.

Features of Brivis AD Bal
• Sloping trough design
• High capacity, high airflow
• Metal structural support
• Stainless steel ember protection
• Larger sized cooling pads
• Drain valve on all models
• WinterSeal available to prevent heat escaping in winter

For more information about the Brivis AD Bal, talk to our expert team at All Climate Solutions today.

Brivis Cooling Evaporative Cooling AD BAL
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