Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating Melbourne

The perfect solution for heating and cooling through the same ducts

Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating and Air Conditioning Melbourne

All Climate Solutions is a reputable independently run establishment committed to offering premium heating and cooling solutions at pocket-friendly prices. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals assesses your requirements and conducts a thorough on-site inspection to recommend the perfect solution. We install ducted reverse cycle heating systems in Melbourne to enhance your comfort throughout the year, especially during humid days. Our expert tradesmen visit your property to strategically place the indoor unit, the outdoor condenser unit, and the ducts throughout the house or office to create various ‘zones’.

Being associated with the industry for over two decades, we are aware of all the cutting-edge practices and use modern tools to offer high-quality installation, repairs, replacements, and maintenance. We stock top-tier, durable, energy-saving, and highly functional ducted reverse cycle heating systems from a wide range of trusted brands such as Daikin, Brivis, Panasonic, etc. The products are available at different efficiency levels which makes them perfect for small houses, large residential property, mid-sized offices, and commercial buildings. With All Climate Solutions by your side, you’ll have our guaranteed support throughout the lifespan of your ducted reverse cycle heating system. We deal with all after-sale issues and warranty claims and respond to client inquiries on time.

What is Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating?

A ducted reverse cycle heating system is the ultimate all-climate solution for centralised heating and cooling. The electricity-run system capitalises on inverter technology and is the ideal solution for open-plan living spaces and large rooms. The indoor component is placed within the roof space which lets out air through insulated ducts into specific rooms. The condenser sits outside the property.

Types of Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating Systems

Have a look at the various forms of ducted reverse cycle heating systems available and choose the one that suits you best.


Ducted Reverse Cycle

A ducted reverse cycle system consists of both an indoor unit and an outdoor coil and distributes both cooling and heating via ducts throughout the house.

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Add-On Cooling

A new or existing gas heater system can be fitted with add-on cooling, provided the system has been setup properly for this type of operation.

The indoor unit is connected to your ducted heating system, providing heating and cooling through the same set of ducts.

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Split Systems

Split systems come with an indoor-outdoor unit paring that can be configured to pump heat or provide cooling.

They come in a few variations including high-wall cassettes, ceiling cassettes, floor cassettes and one-way cassettes.

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How Does Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating Work?


When you purchase a ducted reverse cycle heating system in Melbourne, you get to experience a luxury air conditioning solution in all weather conditions. The central air conditioning system consists of a condenser which is placed outside the house and an indoor unit called Central Fan Coil. The latter is positioned in the roof cavity and connected to a duct network to channel air to different zones or areas of the property. For instance, you might have four zones like the entertainment room, the kitchen, the master bedroom, and the dining room in a house.

The system vents out cold or hot air as per the setting engaged. The zoning capability contributes to the smart usage of the system as per the temperature in each room. Upon the reversal of the refrigeration cycle, the condenser acts as an evaporator, which pulls cool air into the system to produce heat. Furthermore, the refrigerated cooling system filters the air to boost the air quality and brings down humidity making it desirable in climates like Melbourne. In addition to this, the inverter technology helps in altering the speed of the compressor, which allows it to produce the required amount of refrigerant making it highly efficient.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating Service

While ducted heating units provide a comprehensive solution for indoor heating and cooling, many may be apprehensive about the ease of service and maintenance. With All Climate Solutions, you will never have to think about it again. Once we install a system in your home or office, our team will be at your disposal for subsequent maintenance and servicing. We will also come to you in a timely manner for repairs and replacements when required. So choose our ducted heating solution for your residential or commercial space with confidence. We offer our service throughout the Melbourne metro area.

Benefits of Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating

Adaptable to heating and cooling

The technologically advanced and ultra-quiet thermostats and smart inverter technology offer high-quality warm or cold air circulation all year round. It makes the best use of electricity using independent timers and provides consistent refrigerated air even on humid days.


Zoning capability

The zoning feature allows you to segregate each part of the house into different air conditioning zones and maneuver the airflow.


Low-running costs and environmentally friendly

The ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is eco-friendly and energy efficient. The zoning capability reduces electric bills as you can focus the system on only cooling the areas you require. Thus, you get to save big, and it compensates for the high installation cost in the long run.

Why Choose All Climate Solutions?

Independently Owned

All Climate Solutions is an independently owned and run business based in Melbourne. As such, we operate with great care and diligence with a focus on your satisfaction to deliver the best outcome when it comes to heating your home or office.

No Contractors

When we say hire us to install a heating solution for your home or office, we mean us! We do not use contractors and maintain the same high quality even during service and routine maintenance. As we provide an end-to-end solution, you only deal with us for the life of your system. Say no to chasing up manufacturers or contractors, just give us a call and we will be able to assist with whatever you need.

Free Quotes

We provide free quotes for ducted reverse cycle heating system installations, service and repairs. Be it for your home or office, if you have chosen us for end-to-end servicing you can expect very competitive pricing.

Suitable Solutions

As Melbourne experts in ducted reverse cycle heating systems, we take pride in our work and endeavour to provide our clients with the most suitable heating solution for their space. We will also make sure that our work is visually appealing and that nothing is out of place.

On-Site Consultations

Our team will visit your home or business and assess your space.  We will then come up with a tailored heating and cooling solution to suit your specific requirements.

Top Brands

A reliable system is the key to continuous and trouble-free heating and cooling. You can rest assured that your ducted reverse cycle system installation or replacement will be done only using products from leading brands for a long-lasting solution.



Thanks for all the work associated with our new heating and cooling system. I must say that the crew who worked here numbering up to 6 at one stage, were all impressive in their manner and conduct and reflected well upon your company. I would have no hesitation in recommending All Climate Solutions to anyone considering similar heating and cooling systems. Personally, it was a pleasure meeting and dealing with you.

Ray, Melbourne

Having read the horror stories about bad service provided by heating and cooling companies, I started off really skeptical and apprehensive. However after having met you, and observed your full commitment to servicing customers, I realized that my fears were unfounded. From start to finish of the installation of our Brivis heating system, we were kept abreast at all times by your knowledgeable staff, and all matters were managed professionally by each of your employees. Although you were priced higher than any other quotations, I am happy with the end product and all-round high quality service I received and will not hesitate to recommend your services.

Joanna, St Albans

I am writing to say a big thank you for the very good service I received from Carlos and then his team on the installation of my new air conditioning last Friday. Conditions for working in the heat were not good, but the team worked on regardless, allowing me the comfort of airconditioning. Thank you again it was very much appreciated. Regards,

Anne, Melbourne

Carlos, Just wanted to thank you for the thoroughly professional job you and your staff have done in providing and installing my air conditioners. You turned up when agreed to give me a quotation and in less than a week the three systems were installed. The team that did the installation were very professional and courteous. They worked quickly, but took the time to ensure that I was fully briefed on how the systems operated. Also they adjusted the fan speed on gas heating while here. I could not happier with the service I received. I would unhesitatingly recommend your company to any one wanting to install air conditioning.

Mike, Melbourne

Hi Carlos. I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent job done. My house is now warm and temperature is balanced in all areas. It was a very professional design and quick implementation. You take in consideration all my requirements and provided a solution customized to our needs. Thanks again.

Cesar & Mary, Ferntree Gully

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If you are looking for modern ducted reverse cycle heating solutions in Melbourne, you should not look further than All Climate Solutions. We provide budget-friendly, energy-efficient, high-performing, suitable and branded systems (indoor unit and condenser), along with top-notch installation, servicing, and maintenance. Call us for more information!

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Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating FAQs

A ducted reverse cycle heating system comes with several advantages. The most prominent ones are energy efficiency, the instant start of heating, zoning, and the effective heating of large, open spaces. Moreover, these systems provide even heating and do not make any noise, which makes them a highly comfortable option.

Deciding on a suitable ducted reverse cycle heating system for your home or building is not possible without the expertise and knowledge of professionals. That is why we recommend you call us. All Climate Solutions will send an expert team to the site who will inspect the premises and suggest the best option for you.

Yes, All Climate Solutions provides complete end-to-end installation services for every product we sell. The installation will be done by our in-house team – we do not employ external contractors or middlemen, which makes the process a hassle-free and cost-effective one.

Yes, a ducted reverse cycle heating system can be used for both warming and cooling your home. The same ductwork is used to send both cool and warm air into the rooms according to the needs of the occupants of each zone. This makes it a versatile and efficient way to implement air conditioning in any building.

As with any machine or appliance, the lifespan of a ducted reverse cycle heating system is determined by factors like how the installation was done, how often it is serviced, what the nature of the usage of the system is, and so on. Usually, you can expect to get a good 15-20 years of service out of the system, but proper maintenance and upkeep can easily extend its life.

Ducted reverse cycle heating systems are one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat your home. They consume much less energy than other types of heaters like electric heaters. Moreover, they can heat large areas effectively without expending too much fuel.

A ducted reverse cycle heating system should be serviced at least once every 2 years to ensure that they are functioning properly. More often if they system is constantly running. It also helps identify any issues that could potentially become a problem in the future and fix them in time.

Several parameters help decide the actual cost of getting a ducted reverse cycle heating system installed. This includes the size of the space you want to set up the heater for, the type and brand of heating system you choose, and the cost of installing it. Generalising these factors, you will have to pay something around $12,000 to $22,000 or more for installing a ducted heating system.

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