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Frequently Asked Questions


Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all, however, to aid you in your research you should first ask yourself what it is you are looking for. Are you after heating, cooling, or both? Is the solution for just one room, multiple rooms or the whole home?

If you are after a single room heating solution than maybe a space heater might be right for you. If it’s a single room cooling solution then a split system might suit your needs. Perhaps it is multiple rooms that require heating and cooling, then maybe a multi-split system, ducted reverse cycle or even a combination of evaporative cooling and ducted gas heating might be the way to go. What may be best suited won’t just depend on what you want but also on budget and house specifications.

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At All Climate Solutions we endeavour to provide premium products and service, and part of the customer experience we provide involves giving a satisfaction guarantee. If we have not sold the unit, we cannot provide a guarantee that the system will work according to the required standards.


In short, no. Manufacturers will only provide warranties on units sold and installed by an authorised dealer. When having your heating or cooling products supplied and installed by All Climate Solutions you are not just buying goods and service, but peace of mind that your investment is backed by both a manufacturer’s warranty and installation guarantee.


Wheather you have a gas heater, evaporative cooling or a refrigeration system, they should all be serviced every 2 years. Gas heaters need to be checked for any carbon monoxide and that the fan and filters are in good working condition. Similarly, cooling systems need their pads/filters checked and the units inspected for any leaks and electrical faults. Servicing your unit will help prolong its life and will help prevent breakdowns.

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If your heating or cooling filter has been correctly installed, cleaned and maintained, then there should be no need to clean your ducts. Keeping your return air grille clean is relatively easy. All that is required is for the mesh to be vacuumed cleaned every 6 weeks, and/or hand washed if necessary. A clean return air grille will also ensure your system is running correctly and the air being distributed is clean. Ensure the system is turned off whilst you clean the return air grille.


Evaporative cooling works by drawing outside air and onto the pads that have been wet by fresh water. For evaporative cooling to work, either windows or doors must be opened to move the hot stale air inside the house and replace it with cool fresh air. If there are no or not enough windows or doors open, the hot air inside the house will cause condensation to occur.

To help solve this problem, turn the pump off, place the fan on high, open up a few windows/doors and allow the condensation to evaporate. After 1–3 hours you will then be able to turn the pump back on without the condensation occuring. The only other thing to note is that condensation will also occur when humidity levels are high. Again, leaving the unit on the fan only mode will prevent from condensation occuring.

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Evaporative cooling is the most efficient type of cooling as it only uses a small amount of water and electricity to run. On the other hand, refrigeration uses a large amount of electricity to run. However, with the advancement in technology there now exists inverter technology for refrigeration units which will consume less electricity once the system has cooled/heated the house to the desired temperature.


Both evaporative cooling and Refrigeration cooling work best when turned on during the coolest part of the day, which normally is in the morning. This is because the house will naturally be cooler at this time of day and both systems won’t need to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature. In contrast, if either system is turned on while it is hot outside it will take longer for your home to cool down, and refrigeration units will consume more electricity as a consequence. If it is going to be a hot few days, it may be best to either turn your system on early each morning or to leave it running during the entire heatwave.

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Add-on cooling is a cooling option that uses the heating unit’s fan and ducts to distribute refrigeration cooling throughout your home. There are a few factors that will determine whether you will be eligible for add-on cooling including the type of existing ductwork and the type of gas heater currently installed. If this is an option you are considering, our friendly sales staff will aid in determining your eligibility as part of our free quote service.

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